Stone + Company, a Boston-based management and strategy consulting firm, enables its corporate clients to deliver top results by transforming fragmented strategies or developing new ones into a cohesive game plan for achieving superior performance and true team alignment FAST. 

By partnering with its clients’ leaders and executive teams, Stone + Company employs its unique Planned Advantage process to work quickly through core, systemic issues to identify paths to success. By developing and building upon strategic capabilities and leadership thinking, which can be applied to any stage of an organization’s growth, relationships and strategic development clarify and align.This creates sustainable success via a dynamic, elegant process designed to deliver rapid and effective results that a company and team can be proud of.

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HRO Today: Changing Change Management 

Contributing editor, Laura Stone

A few years ago our firm landed squarely in the midst of a messy outsourcing project that ultimately experienced tremendous turnaround.  Given that most of our prior work had been on projects that ranged from large-scale mergers to strategy alignment, this assignment gave us a new perspective. With this education, we paid close attention to solving the initial issue, which, at its core, was about good people losing sight of the big picture of their purpose and the impact their work had on other good people...

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